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Welcome To Lakewood Gymnastics of Kentucky!!

2016-2017 School Year Schedule began August 4, 2016, but we take new registrations all year long!!

Schedules are available for download to your left in the NavBar

United Alliance Gymnastics League - 2016-2017 Schedule

Qualifier 1 - 10/15/16
Qualifier 2 - 11/19/16
Qualifier 3 - 12/17/16
Qualifier 4 - 1/21/17
Championships - 2/18/17

UAGL Championships Schedule

7:30 am Open Stretch - Level 1
8:45 am Open Stretch - Level 2 Red
10:00 am Open Stretch - Level 2 Blue
11:45 am Open Stretch - Level 3 Red & Blue
1:15 pm Open Stretch - Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, and Excel Bronze
3:30 pm Open Stretch - Excel Gold
5:00 pm Open Stretch - Excel Silver 9yrs and younger
6:15 pm Open Stretch - Excel Silver 10yrs and older

Please check back on Friday for updates. If any changes are made, they will only be slight time changes...none are anticipated, but with this being our BIGGEST CHAMPIONSHIP MEET EVER, we are crunching the numbers again and again.

Also...check back to the UAGL Facebook page during the day...I plan to post updates on whether we are running on time or ahead of schedule, etc., to help those attending later sessions.

Thank you all for supporting the United Alliance Gymnastics League!! See you on Saturday...GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
Remember, your age group is determined by the date of our Championships (2/18/17)

Good Luck Everyone!!